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Grooming &

Regular grooming not only keeps your furry friend clean and comfortable, it's good for their health too!

Full Groom

Recommended for breeds needing regular styling. Includes dead hair removal, a brush out to prevent knots, bath and blow dry, clipping, trimming, and scissoring depending on the breed.

Finished off with nail cutting, trimming in-between the pads and paws, and a spray of fragrance.

Puppy Grooming

A puppy’s first groom is a face, feet and bottom tidy – a bath can be included if necessary. Puppies are always groomed by hand to begin with. Other equipment is slowly introduced over several appointments, and treats are used to reward good behaviour.
We recommend puppies that will need regular grooming come to meet us as early as possible – once given the okay to be out and about. We offer a puppy introduction service free of charge. Contact us below to arrange a time for you, and your pup, to come in and have a look around and meet the team. There will be plenty of cuddles…and treats!


Elderly & Nervous Dogs

We pride ourselves on being able to work with dogs of all temperaments. With our calm and caring attitude, most dogs can enjoy the grooming process. However, we will never force a dog to undergo a groom if it becomes agitated, stressed, or seems unwell.

Grooming Add-Ons

Let your furry friend relax in style with our NEW pamper packages. When you book your appointment, let us now if it’s your pup’s birth month, and we’ll give them a birthday pamper on us! 

The Happy Face Pamper

Add On - £4.00*

A full facial to suit the individual breed, and coat type, of your four-legged friend. Includes fresh breath and teeth gel. 
*Any pamper package prices are added on to the total grooming price at the till.

The Ultimate Pamper

Add On - £8.00*

We will use luxury shampoo and conditioners; moisturising products for the nose and paws; fresh breath and teeth gel, and a spritz of fragrance to ensure the ultimate zen experience for your dog. All of this is topped off with a full facial and gentle massage.
*Any pamper package prices are added on to the total grooming price at the till.

Advice & Information


We only use top quality products designed for dogs. We have shampoos suitable for all coat and skin types, including gentle products for sensitive skin. We are happy to accommodate any products that have been prescribed by a vet.

No dogs are caged during the grooming process (we don't like that). We do not use cabinet driers.


Maintaining your dog’s coat
in-between grooms is essential. Brushing is good for all dogs. It helps to spread natural oils evenly throughout the entire coat and get rid of any knots and end hair.

For long-haired, and curly-haired breeds, brushing will be required more frequently, almost every day.


Matted coats can become uncomfortable and painful for your dog, and cause problems such as bruising, sores, or restricted blood-flow. We don’t offer a de-matting service as in severe cases, it can be a painful experience for your dog. We are, however, more than happy to remove a couple of knots or scissor out any light-matting.

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