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Grooming and your Dog

Regular grooming not only keeps your dog clean, comfortable, looking good and smelling fresh, it’s important for its health as well. When we groom a dog, we check the skin, coat, eyes, ears and  teeth and will let you know if  we spot any issues that require  attention.



Full Groom:

For breeds requiring regular styling such as Poodles, Spaniels etc. Includes everything your dog needs to look and feel good. This includes dead hair removal, brush out to prevent any knots, a bath and blow dry, clipping, trimming, stripping and scissoring as required for the specific breed - followed by nail trimming, between the pads and paw trim & cleaned and a spray fragrance if required.

Prices for full grooms vary according to the size and breed of dog, condition of the coat as well as the amount of work required for the type of groom required.  If you contact us we will give you a estimate price before booking.


We only use top quality products designed for canines, we have shampoos suitable for all coat and skin types, including very gentle products for pets with sensitive skin. We are happy to accommodatre any products that have been prescribed by the vet.

No dogs are caged during the grooming process (we don't like that). We do not use cabinet driers.

Elderly or Nervous Dogs

We are able to work with dogs of all temperaments. With our calm, caring attitude most dogs are able to enjoy grooming. However, we will not force a dog to undergo grooming if it has become agitated, stressed or if it seems unwell.

Puppy Introduction

This service is offered free of charge - call us to  arrange a time for your puppy to pop in, have a look around and meet us before the day of their first appointment' Cuddles and familiarisation with a bit of brushing thrown in.

Puppy Groom














Caring for your Dog's Coat

Brushing is good for all dogs, it helps spread the natural oils over the coat, but longer haired dogs need to be brushed every day or so to keep their coats knot free. Dogs such as poodles, and poodle crosses, with very curly coats, need to be brushed even more frequently.

De-matting (why we don’t do it)

Matted coats can get be very uncomfortable, even painful, for a dog and and can get so tight, that the blood supply can be cut off – this can cause bruising, sores or other problems.

De-matting (pulling out the mats) can be a very painful process, If your dog has a couple of knots, we can remove these, but we will not do this on a dog that is matted as this would cause it a great deal of pain. Where the matting isn't too heavy, we can scissor out the mats and blend in the area around to achieve a better look. With heavily matted dogs however, we need to shave the mats out, there really is no pain-free alternative.










First puppy groom (around 4 months) is usually a face feet and bottom tidy - a bath can be included if necessary. Puppies are groomed by hand at first, they are encouraged and praised for good behaviour; introduction to equipment is done gradually over 2 to 3 sessions. Treats are given after the groom as a reward.

In the Dog House!  offers a complete Professional and Friendly Dog Grooming Service,  providing a  full range of grooming services for all breeds. We are happy to discuss or advise on possible looks and styles for your pet, both to breed standard and owner preference.  All dogs are treated with  care and respect and groomed in a calm, friendly, cage-free environment.
Feel free to call us and discuss your dog’s grooming requirements.
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